Christmas Eve

Like any other children our boys are REALLY excited about Christmas and can't wait for tomorrow to come. Joel has put a glass of milk and a cookie out for Santa (Dad suggested he might prefer a beer but Mummy reckons he'll be too busy for that) and they've both gone to bed clutching their stockings. Sweet!

We're really looking forward to tomorrow as we're off to the local CESA church for a traditional Christmas morning service. We love all the traditions of Christmas but we're really passionate about the true story behind the season. We've been telling the boys about Jesus being born and what that means for us. Joel seems to understand but Eli is too young.

Today we had a family treat at Vergelegen where we had a picnic in the camphor forest. It was fantastic and the boys really enjoyed the treasure hunt.

A happy Joel

Enjoying the picnic

The intrepid explorers in pursuit of the hidden treasure

Dad got involved in the treasure hunt


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