Eli's Birthday Party

Today Eli had his 3rd birthday party and had a lot of fun with his friends running riot around the garden. Having got over the fact that he couldn't have an exclusive invite just for Iza, he seemed happy to have the rest of his friends there to share the cake, the party food and the fun.

There were no organised games, rather we had asked the kids to bring their black bikes to play on and they were happy to charge up and down the drive on them. we also opened up the whole garden so nowhere was 'out of bounds' much to the bemusement of some of the parents. Anyway, the kids had a blast and Eli especially really enjoyed his party.

By the way, don't worry, you've not missed Eli's birthday, it's on the 21st but as schools all finish this week for the summer holidays we had to have his party early as most of his friends will be away on holiday on the actual day.

The girls were really happy racing on the drive

Iza (guest of honour) on the new rope swing

Jannie had a go too

Eli led the charge up the climbing frame

Today was also a big day for Eli as it was his last day at Annie's nursery.

Annie has been a fantastic blessing for Eli (and us!) and he's learnt so much with her. We know he'll miss her but we also know that is a very mutual feeling as Annie adores Eli.

Next year Eli will be in the pre-nursery at the International School (big school) where Joel will be in Year 1 (scarey!). Eli is really excited about going to 'big school' and Joel is just as excited about having his brother at his school.

We're also really excited as it means we'll only have to do one school run in the mornings - hooray!


  1. Happy Almost Birthday Eli!

    And congratulations on Eli's "graduation" as well!

  2. We enjoyed the pictures of your party Eli. We all want to know whether you enjoyed the candles as much as last year?!!

  3. Sadly the candles didn't work properly. Either they were too old, didn't travel well or the wind was too strong. Maybe a bit of all three?

    We'll never forget the giggles at Eli's second birthday last year at yours!!


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