Off To Big School

Joel started back at the International School this morning as a big boy in Year 1.

He was so excited to be going back (as were Mummy & Daddy!) and seeing his friends as well as starting in Mrs Tinsley's class. Joel was also excited as Grandad went with him and Mummy to school this morning.

This year is also a bit different for Joel as Eli is joining him at the International School so he's very proud of being the big brother.

Eli really is off to big school as he goes to the pre-nursery class. This is also a real blessing for us as we now only have to do one school run in the mornings. Sadly we'll still have two pick-ups as they finish at different times, but it's still a blessing.

Proud brothers


  1. What lovely photos. While you have two handsome boys on the outside, their real beauty shines from within.

    Made in His image, amen!

    All the best for the school year sent with many prayers and friendship from afar!

  2. being made to stand in the corner already?!

    God bless you all on the next stage of this adventure

  3. yep golly molly, don't they look grown up - especially Joel!! how's the shoe lace tying going?? I confess Josh,nearly eleven, had one pair of school shoes with laces - and has had velcro ones ever since!!! Hope you are all well. LOL xx


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