6th Birthday Party

Joel had his 6th birthday party today and was really proud to have his friends round. Inevitably the theme was pirates so all the games had a pirate twist to them!

Much fun was had by all with plenty of gold coins and pieces of eight being given out as prizes.

The cake was probably the most interesting part of the party. Hamida (in the pink to Joel's left) was clearly horrified by the Davy Jones picture on the cake. The party shop where we had the transfer done were quite horrified by it too. Joel certainly seems to be quite unique in what he wants!

A variation of 'pin the tail on the donkey, we're looking for treasure!

Party games always involve a little bit of nose-picking

Pass the treasure always goes down well with hearty pirates

The cake shop where Mummy got the cake transfer were a little bemused by Joel's choice. Joel was thrilled with the cake!

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  1. Happy 6th birthday dear Joel!

    Oh that cake, that is something, but if it made the young pirate happy, then that is great.

    Looks like a fine time was had by all.


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