Mummy's Home

Mummy got home yesterday morning. We were all excited to have her home again and the boys were delighted to see her plane land at Cape Town airport. we got to watch the plane taxi all the way to its berth which was quite cool.

Our family felt incomplete without mummy and whilst we were nowhere near a 'Lord of the Flies' scenario, life just wasn't the same without her.

Paula had a great time with family and friends and enjoyed celebrating birthdays with family. She also appreciated an all too brief trip to Manchester to see some special friends there. As ever, Sal (Joel's godmother) was a real star, not only helping Paula pull off the surprise but in packing up some great toys for the boys. Eli loves dressing up as Buzz Lightyear and the numerous tanks have been well appreciated by Joel.

One of the joys of a trip to Blighty is the shopping. The choice seems almost infinite and the quality, particularly clothing, is great compared to what we can get locally. Amazingly Paula managed to get through with 29.5kgs of main luggage and 11kgs of hand luggage. Not bad when her main allowance was 23kgs. Much prayer went into getting her through.


  1. Good to see that Buzz landed safely and also Ben 10s 'wrist-thing' (there speaks a mummy with no boys!)We had a great time with Paula, but are glad that she's back safely with you and that Joel and Eli are enjoying their presents. I presume Dean's beer made it through safely too?!

  2. Welcome back Paula! Glad you are all reunited!

    Yes it is me as my other self!!


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