Pirate Experience

After a great morning in church we took the boys for a half-term treat to the Boswell Wilkie Circus Pirate experience just outside Cape Town. Wow, what a show! The boys were spell bound by it and were on the edge of their seats all the way through.

It was a real surprise for the boys and we smuggled along all their pirate dressing up clothes so they were able to get into role for the show.

Dean really appreciated the skill of the jugglers whilst we all marveled at the sheer athleticism of all the performers. If the circus is ever passing your way make it a priority to go and see!

Dean managed to take some photos, discretely without the flash as they threatened anybody using a flash with walking the plank! Consequently they're a bit blurred in places but give a good feel for what the show was like.


Pirates came to threaten our pirates (update: the pirates are Tsogt Bayasgalan & Karen Wilkie)

One of the many acrobats

Four pirates hanging off the main mast

The pirate ship in all its glory

Mind the fire!!!

Fire dancers

Juggling pirate

The show closed with the trapeze artist


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