This morning at the stroke of a pen or rather the stamping of a passport everything changed, nothing changed and yet everything did change. We're now permanent residents of South Africa.

This is a huge blessing and a massive answer to prayer! No more queueing every few years filing out endless forms for visas and dishing out ridiculous sums of money for the privilege. We feel this is also confirmation from God that we're in the right place.

We remain British subjects but we now have more options as to what we do in the future. We also feels this gives us a certain amount more control over our future and the decisions which face us ahead.

Our biggest fear in all this was that potentially Joel would only get residency until his 18th birthday and we'd been warned that he may well not get full permanency. Praise God that he also has full permanency status.

We're really rejoicing about this and are stunned as ever by God's goodness and faithfulness!


  1. It's a great feeling isn't it! Congratulations, hope you had a beer or two to celebrate.

  2. Great news one more big hurdle conquered Praise God!


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