Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary. We can't quite believe we've been married for that long but thank God for the amazing work of grace he's done in our lives which enables us to continue in our marriage. Apparently one gets less for armed robbery these days so there's something worth considering.

We spent the first bit of the morning at Home Affairs having decided to use the morning well. Having wasted 30 mins trying to get a passport photo done we were then told that because we're not South African we couldn't get our ID documents here in Somerset West but would have to go to Paarl. One hour later we arrived in Paarl and amazingly after just another 40 minutes we'd been fingerprinted and processed and on our way back home.

We stopped off at Thelema on our way as we've been wanting to try their ' 09 Sauvignon Blanc for a while and it really didn't disappoint! This was followed by lunch in Stellenbosch and a slow drive home.

Tonight we're off to Taste here in Somerset West to celebrate with a bit more style. Mmmm, can't wait!


  1. Happy Anniversary Dear friends!!! Celebrate in style tonight - wish we were there too ......... I miss our holiday time with you, just wandering on those stunning beaches, enjoying the more predictable climate (ahem, minus the winds of course!!), just being there amidst such beauty ( ... that's when I look in the mirror of course!!! ha ha, a girl can dream!!). Have a great evening. LOL xx

  2. Sorry I missed this - better late than never.

    May your years continue, full of blessings, hope and gratitude always.

    I'm sure you had a lovely evening!


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