I'm exhausted from the flight, a disturbed sleep and some physical labour this afternoon. I can see that Joel's also desperate to get to bed so hopefully he'll be there shortly.

Having been been back less than a day and having had to hit the ground running I'm quite pleased with what I got done today.. I had planned to get all the boxes down from Brian's attic (he's my father-in-law) ready for sorting over then next few days but in the end I only managed to get 2/3 of them down but was able to sort them in terms of freight, charity shop & bin which was far more than I'd expected to achieve.

We even managed a walk out to the swings in the village where I was stunned by the amazing autumnal colours. It's easy to forget how lovely the seasons can be in Blighty.

Tomorrow I'm off to Wimbledon with Brian to collect the last few boxes of stuff from Susan's house where they've been stored for the last 5 years. Once done I can start the unpacking, sorting & repacking seriously. I'm also planning to pop into the massive Tesco Metro on the way to Wimbledon for a bit of shopping. Branston Pickle is top of the list!

Joel loves time on the swings


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