Fun At Spier

Paula & Eli joined our dear friend Jo today at Spier for some silly fun.

Given that Joel & I were 6000miles away you'll have to rely on the photos to tell the story.

What is abundantly clear is that Eli had a lot of fun which probably means Paula & Jo did too.

Joel had a lovely morning going shopping with Lisa (Paula's older sister) . He was reluctant to go, just as he was yesterday but he warmed up after a few minutes and really enjoyed the precious time with Lisa.

Paula & Eli having fun

Eli throwing the ball to mummy...

... mummy anticipting catching the the ball from Eli

Having fun

The fun just kept on coming

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  1. Have not been here in quite a few days. So glad to see all the lovely photos and read the news of you all in your distant-at-the-moment perches.

    Good wishes and prayers always. Those boys of yours have such joy on their faces, God bless them!

    And you two as well!


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