We're Back

We've just had a wonderful 10 days away during the school break. We went back to Ravenna which is mid-way between Montagu & Barrydale on the scenic Route 62 in the Klein Karoo.

The boys love the freedom of being able to roam the farm safely as well as playing on the jungle gym and the occasional dip in the (freezing) pool. We on the other hand simply enjoyed the peace & quiet being in the middle of nowhere which forces one to chill out.

The highlight for the boys was our trips to the hot water springs at Warmwaterberg. They'd have spent the whole day in the pools had it not been for the lure of lunch in Barrydale. Joel simply adores the food at Clarke of the Karoo! Stopping there for lunch also allowed Dean to stock up on Chilli Jam which is his favourite in toasted cheese sandwiches.

On our way home on Friday Paula sprung a fantastic birthday surprise on Dean as she'd booked 2 nights in Greyton (our favourite village) in a beautiful house. So we had a really lazy & relaxed weekend chilling by the pool, mooching around the market and spending a lot of time at the Vanilla Cafe eating some wonderful food and drinking too much. Thanks go to Marina who owns Vanilla as she colluded with Paula in planning our weekend and organised a babysitter for the Friday night.

Joel was very pleased with being able to scale the cargo net on the jungle gym

We found a small snake in the garden. The boys were thrilled!

The shopkeepers in Barrydale are quite a discerning bunch

Amusingly defaced sign in Greyton

Look out for Dean's forthcoming series: Kleure van die Klein Karoo on Finnie's In Focus For all you Facebookers Dean will be posting lots more photos there too.

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  1. Welcome back! You were missed, but I was glad to know you were off having a fine time. And glad to see these great photos and the others on FB.

    And nice about the surprise too!

    I finally posted that small giftie off to you, it should arrive at some point soon I hope.


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