Sorry seems to be the easiest word these days with politicians declaring themselves 'sorry' for this, that and the other, so why shouldn't I?

A while back I got into Facebook. It took three goes but on the third try I was hooked. Initially I had planned to use FB as a means of directing more friends to this blog and it worked. I quickly realised that a lot of our friends on FB were reluctant to venture much deeper into the web and some actually admitted that they didn't know what blogs were and were a bit intimidated by them. So my plan was to use the RSS feed from the blog to post onto Facebook so that friends there could follow the blog from the comfort of FB.

Sadly, somewhere en route I got horribly distracted by Mob Wars and then Mafia Wars and ended up spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to play fundamentally flawed games on uneven playing fields! All this really achieved was a total distraction from this blog and from some other far more important aspects of life like family.

Well, tonight I have reset the stupid games and blocked them from Facebook. I've deleted all the 'friends' made through the games and have tidied my FB page up so none of that rubbish shows.

So, to our loyal readers, I must apologise profusely for neglecting this blog and you! I promise to get back to blogging properly and wasting far less time on pointless stuff like Facebook.

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  1. *eyes cast downward*

    No Mafia wars for me, just too much time sucked in... I understand!


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