Frustrating Day

The day started so well with taking Michael to the hospital followed by a good trip to Aunty Florrie's in Macassar. She has a lovely house but is desperate for a few simple jobs to be done and as is so often the case she can't afford to pay much and she's very likely to be ripped off by some cowboy. So I came away with a small list of jobs which I'll do for her in the coming days.

Around lunchtime the day took a frustrating turn as I was supposed to meet the seller and get the keys to the house from him. We'd arranged to meet but when I got there he'd already left. Then UPS failed to pitch and cheekily rang to tell me I wasn't at home. Strange thing is, I was in the kitchen when they rang! Later I contacted half a dozen companies for a quote to fit a gate to our new house. Only three bothered to respond. One rang back to say he was too busy, one waffled forever causing me to lose track of what he said and the third promised to ring back at 5pm when he would meet me at the house. Well that didn't happen.

Prayers would be appreciated for tomorrow as we need to go and meet our new neighbours and get their consent to put a garage up on the boundary wall. Should be a simple process but you never know. Hopefully tomorrow will be less frustrating than today.

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  1. I am just seeing this now- hope it went well today with your new neighbors!


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