Praise God for answered prayers!

Our biggest and most important prayer request recently has been for the boys and their schooling. After another meeting with the Principal yesterday we have agreed that Joel should remain with his current class group so he'll be with the older end of his age group again but with a new teacher next year who also has a lot of special needs training and experience. Hopefully she'll be really good for him. We also agreed to let Eli go to Reception class with his age group (although he'll be the youngest by some distance) and see how it goes. If he really struggles the school are happy to revisit his situation so we'll remain in close contact with his teacher and the Principal.

Thanks too for your prayers regarding my meeting with the neighbours. It turns out that they're a really nice couple but they're only renting the property until April next year which means they can't give permission for our garage as they don't own the property. Helpfully, they gave me the agents details. I contacted the agent who was helpful to a point. She refused to give me her clients details instead saying I must email her all the stuff with an outline of what we're proposing, then they will look at it and decide whether to forward it to their client. Cheeky wotsits! Why are estate agents so full of their own importance? This has nothing to do with them so I'll hassle them today and if no joy we'll have to submit our planning application and go through the usual 30 day notice period. It's looking more and more likely that we won't get any building work done until early next year which is a bit frustrating.

I'm a little concerned about our freight and would value your ongoing prayers for its safe arrival later this month. On the tracking site I noticed the ship has hung a left into the Mediterranean and is seemingly heading for the Suez Canal, which means it will be running the gauntlet of Somalia. Deep joy! I can just imagine trying to reason with customs here that the freight is late due to circumstances beyond our control. That is a conversation I'd rather not enter into! Please pray for its safe passage through to Durban and then Cape Town.

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  1. Praise God for answered prayers indeed - glad to hear this update!

    As for the rest of it, the "cheeky wotsit" (love that!) agent and the building - more prayers.

    For the freight - MANY more prayers!



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