Suddenly the decision to move just before Christmas seems a bit daft as jobs keep piling up and life seems to get messier by the minute. We're now living in chaos in two houses! Thankfully it will all be over on Friday this week as we will be fully moved in on Thursday which will give us a couple of days to get the old house cleaned up before handing it back to the landlady.

On the house front our gate has been fitted almost hassle free and after a little bit of discussion with the gate people they've agreed to return on Tuesday to install the intercom. We had garden services in on Thursday & Friday to chop stuff back and remove tree stumps etc. By the time they were finished we were gobsmacked by how big the garden is and the boys are loving exploring it. I'm also keen to get started on the worm farm and veggie plot so watch this space.

Now that the gate is in situ' we're able to start moving stuff over so we're gradually moving in. All our books and bookcases are in and we've unpacked most of our freight. That was a lot of fun as some of the boxes were packed ten years ago and have not been opened in the meantime. So many memories came flooding back! We're really looking forward to opening the photo box once we're settled in the new house.

I've spent the last couple of days prepping the walls in the lounge for painting. The house has a bit of a damp problem as the Northwest corner isn't sealed properly nor are the parapet walls at either end of the roof. We've got a builder coming to sort it out in January but he reckons the walls are now dry enough to treat and paint which is exactly what I'm working on. Tomorrow we'll choose the colour for the lounge, very exciting! Tonight I look about 80 years old as I'm covered in a coat of fine white powder from sanding the polyfilla. Thankfully a shower will rejuvenate me.

This morning we had an unexpected morning off church and decided to go to the Nature Reserve where we had a lot of fun. Eli particularly seems to love the place and he's become a bit of a daredevil as the photo above testifies! We really enjoy our trips to the reserve and today we topped it off with lunch at the Oak Cafe which is always a hit.

Joel was delighted to see a tortoise on the boardwalk around the pond


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