ID Doc's

This morning was quite a monumental moment as we were in Paarl to collect our "Green ID books" which are the key to so much of South African life.

It's felt like a long journey getting to the point of having these documents and we're really grateful to have them! At last we can open bank accounts, get local a driving licence etc etc. Amazingly, your first ID book is completely free. Now there's something the so called 'developed world' could learn from!

Someone in the UK asked whether having permanent residency means we're now South African citizens and the answer is no. We could apply for citizenship in a year's time but that's a bridge we'll cross then.

For now we're just grateful to God for making this all possible and for freeing us from the dreary burden of having to reapply for visas every so often.

The tragedy in the midst of this is that Dean has been working with Peter in Chris Nissen for 5 years now trying to get him an ID book to no avail. He's South African born & bred and here we are having lived in the country for a mere 5 years with the coveted document. Crazy!

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  1. Somehow I missed this! What good news for you. Prayers for your friend Peter however, that is madness!


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