We were just off for a walk with Rose when Joel put his arm through the gate moments before it opened. Ouch!

Having managed to get the mangled arm out of the gate Daddy bundled him into the bakkie and shot around to the medi-clinic where we were seen immediately. Thankfully the medi-clinic is a stone throw from our house.

We were whisked off for an Xray (see left) which showed a fracture in his right upper arm. Thankfully the fracture is only on one side of the bone so it should heal well and quite quickly.

Joel was a superstar at the hospital and with his usual charm was much admired by the staff.

So just three days before the start of the new school year he's in a plaster cast for the next four to six weeks. Joel is gutted by the thought of having to wear the cast for so long but we reckon within a day or two he'll see the 'upside' of the predicament like no writing at school. Still, he'll have to work out such benefits for himself.

Please pray for swift healing.

The wounded soldier


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