Palace R.I.P.

Palace went into administration last night less than 24 hours before their date with the tax man at the High Court to settle a winding up order over a 1.2M unpaid tax bill. We already had a transfer embargo slapped on us over unpaid fees to other clubs. Not that that really had much impact as we couldn't afford to bring any new players in anyway.

So for the second time in 10 years Palace face the all too real prospect of non-league football as there's no noticeable queue of wealthy benefactors waiting to snap us up and pump millions into us. In an age of obscene money spent by the 'big boys' and the likes of Man City getting in on the party it all feels very wrong. Sadly Palace are not alone. Portsmouth look like treading a very similar path, West Ham have a very unclear future despite being back in English hands and even some of the 'big boys' like Liverpool and Man Ure have outrageous levels of debt leveraged against them. Seems like time that the FA made some serious decisions about the future of English football and if they can't then they should allow UEFA to step in and show some balls on their behalf. The nonsense has to stop!
I guess our starlets like Victor Moses & Sean Scannell will now be sold on the cheap rather than for their real value as the vultures circle. The season is now in tatters as Palace have dropped from 37 points and knocking on the door of the play-offs to 27 points, 5th from bottom just 3 points above the relegation zone and will be playing for their lives for the rest of the season to avoid the abyss of League One.

Full story here: Crystal Palace future uncertain as administrators called in to Selhurst Park

Sadly, Ron Noades is also sticking his oar in and Palace really doesn't need that idiot back in the hot seat!


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