Not my choice of a title for a blog post or a headline for a news article, but the Beeb are running the headline: Why does God allow natural disasters? in the magazine part of their news website.

I find the arguments quite interesting and am always keen to know what the world makes of our Lord.

Interestingly it is our Lord that gets questioned and vilified at such times and not the other gods like Buddah, Allah or Vishnu. Anyway, once again the question is being asked in the wake of the Haiti earthquake, "Why does God allow natural disasters?"

Many worthy biblical scholars down the centuries have sought to answer this question and more recently such notaries as John Sentamu have been quoted as saying he had "nothing to say to make sense of this horror".

If Sentamu can make no sense of it then it's unlikely I'll do any better so I won't bother. However, one thing strikes me in the midst of a disaster such as Haiti's earthquake. If one is to question God's role or presence in the dark times of the human existence, why are we not questioning his role or presence in the good times. What right do we have to ask "where was God" at such times if we're not prepared to acknowledge him at other times.

I still have no answers as to why disasters happen and why so many suffer so hideously but I do take comfort in the words of Jesus: "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33
A simple acknowledgment and promise, we will have troubles. Also an amazing encouragement, regardless of what may come our way, God is in control!


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