Joel's 7th Birthday Tea

Joel has had a brilliant Birthday and was delighted to get so much Star Wars stuff. He got two bits of Star Wars Lego including Darth Vader's Tie Fighter which was a much coveted pressie! He also got a Darth Vader costume, some Star Wars action figures and a Star Wars lunch box thanks to some great family & friends!

To top it all off he also got some long desired Bakugan Brawlers which he sneaked into school to show his mates. Needless to say neither his teacher nor parents were too amused!

Joel had decided a few weeks ago that he would like to have a family birthday tea at Col Cacchio in Stellenbosch and he very kindly invited our friend Jo to join us. I think she may have seen us at our worst, especially with all the wind in the car on the way home.

So at the end of a very exciting day our gorgeous 7 year old & his little brother are totally sparked out and tucked up in bed. Bliss!

Joel enjoying his spaghetti


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