Mother's Day

I was invited by my boys to school this morning for their annual Mother's Day celebrations!! The morning started off with lots of muffins and coffee and general chit chat amongst the mums before we were treated to a little concert by some of the children. Joel was fabulous as part of the Junior Choir and entertained us with three amusing songs. We also had chance to do a bit of karaoke with one of the form teachers to Abba songs!

After breakfast I joined Eli's class who had been practicing some songs very hard all week - it was very sweet! Hayden managed to sit still through most of it too. Afterwards, Eli presented me with some works of art - isn't it amazing to see how I look through his eyes!! When they came from school Joel gave me a beautiful card and a handwritten page to stick on the fridge of personal thoughts about his mum. Long may such mummy worship continue I say!!


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