Winter seems to have arrived early and with a vengeance! The rain over the last two and a bit weeks has been horrendous with only the odd day of calmer weather. Thankfully we missed the really bad storm as we were in Franschhoek which doesn't seem to suffer from the Northwester like we do here. It all makes us very glad that the woodburner is in and the wood arrived (see: Firewood below) as it's the only form of heating we have in the house.

Thankfully the weekend has given us a temporary lull in the rain with some nice sunny weather so we've got to make the most of it. On Saturday we introduced Hayden to the delights of the Nature Reserve where they all had a blast on the jungle gym, where Joel proudly showed his newly acquired skill of jumping off the swing (see video below). We then moved on to their other favourite in the reserve, the 'climbing tree' which they adore.

I started this post before church and some amazing stuff happened which needs a separate post, so more later.

Eli pushing Joel & Hayden

My gorgeous family!!!!


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