Father's Day

Apparently it's Father's Day soon. I personally don't have a lot of time for this given that most Dad's do considerably less around the house and for their families than the Mums do. As such I really don't think we deserve a special day to commemorate our domination of the remote control. I also think it's just another cynical ploy by the greetings card industry to ramp up their sales.

That said the boy's school deemed it worthy of putting on a fun event (or should that read 'humiliating'?) before the end of term as it falls during the holiday. There were three daft activities, the worst of which was trying to move a potato by swing another on a piece of string between your legs. As one teacher commented to me "It's wrong on so many levels!". Couldn't have put it better myself.

Thankfully the frivolity was followed by scrambled egg & bacon butties so it was all OK in the end.

Joel took a few photos and was highly amused by my antics!


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