I'm not really sure how to begin to describe the feelings from my first ever World Cup experience, it really was a stunning event and for me, only the first of six and maybe even seven of the Cape Town games.

From having stressed about the best way to get to the game and what time to set off Michael & I decided to go with Daniel and Zelda (Daniel leads Grace Community Church) to Grand West and get the park n ride shuttle from there and it all went perfectly though a bit of a hiccup on the way home as the promised bus never materialised and we had to take the train which was interesting!
30 Jun 202012 Jun 2010
We decided to get off in town and follow the 'Fan Walk' to the stadium and was glad we did. Cape Town can certainly show the world how to party. It was amazing to be out on the streets with people of very race (and probably nation too) just smiling, chatting and more importantly laughing together.

We got to the stadium far too early but got to soak up an amazing atmosphere in the build up to the game. The vibe was helped by a great Bafana result which only served to make the vuvuzela's louder than ever. That's one more point for Bafana than the pundits gave them credit for! As the stadium filled so the atmosphere kept getting better and better which was just as well because in the end we were treated to a poor game.

One early highlight was laughing along with the other 64099 fans as it was announced that Thierry Henry was on the bench. Ha ha!

Michael had a great time and is probably the only person in Chris Nissen who will actually get to see a World Cup match live. He was quite overwhelmed by the whole thing and has taken some very happy memories home with him. For me it was such a pleasure to take him to he game as he's such a good mate.

It's probably best to let the pictures do the talking.  Also, enjoy the 'vibe' video below.

Good humour all round - I guess you'd need a sense of humour if you're supporting France!

Outside the ground with my Palace flag


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