So here's the thing; I'm bored of this blog!

I'm bored of the way it looks, I'm bored of the name (more on that in a mo'), I'm bored of the layout and I'm fed up with the lack of interaction from you our readers, assuming that anyone is actually reading this stuff given that hardly anyone ever leaves a comment.

I'm planning a major overhaul of the whole thing from how it looks to what it's about. I'm feeling inspired by my friend Hazel and her blog and a few other missionary bloggers out there who are doing things a bit differently. Two of these which are well worth reading are Jamie the Very Worst Missionary and El Chupacabra Writes a Blog.

Bits of the blog will remain unchanged in so far as I want to continue blogging and to keep the blog aimed at family and friends as well as using it as a tool to keep supporters and supporting churches up to date with our lives whilst also giving pointers for prayer and testimonies of how they've been answered. But beyond that I want to use this as a tool for engage in conversation with you about what we're up to, what we're thinking etc. I plan to be a lot more honest here about things including church life and mission society life (if there is such a thing). Hopefully it will be thought provoking and get up some people's noses but time will tell.

Probably the biggest thing in all of this is that I'm looking to rename the blog. One of the biggest complaints I've had is how the blog is a major turn-off for our friends and others who are not Christians. Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning on watering down the content  and most of our non-believing friends have no issue with the content but apparently the title is more than a little off-putting leading many visitors to depart just as quickly as they arrived, which I personally think is a shame.

So on to the competition...I've got an idea for a new name for this blog but it's not really very exciting, topical, witty etc. So if you can be bothered to give it more than a few seconds worth of thought, please enter by leaving a comment on this post, contact me by email or use the link at the top to submit your suggestion/s. I don't know what the prize will be yet but I'll come up with something good for the entry that wins.

Go on get busy!


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