We had a lot of fun in the Nature Reserve this morning. The highlights were watching Eli climb onto the roof of the jungle gym whilst a young mum pushed her 18 month girl in the swing. She kept looking at us and then looking at Eli as if expecting us to do something. We just chuckled. If she ever has a boy she might one day understand. She did look really shocked though when Daddy announced "Last one back to the car smells of dog poo." Joel & Eli rose to the challenge!

The other highlight was seeing the spring flowers (or weeds) which have colonised large parts of the reserve. I was particularly chuffed to see my all time favourite flower again, the Spiloxene Capensis. We blogged about this gorgeous weed five years ago here.

The highlight of this afternoon was taking Rosie for a walk with the boys and I saw one of the funniest things ever. Eli was running ahead of Rosie and somehow didn't see the stream so didn't stop when he got to it. He fell about 2 feet into the stream causing a huge splash. He looked totally shocked whilst Daddy was crying with laughter! Priceless moment!

Eli stressing out a young mum

Spiloxene Capensis growing rampantly in the reserve

The Helderberg is a stunning mountain and I love this angle when it's reflected in the pond at the Nature Reserve


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