There's not much you can say about Greyton except... it is a little bit of heaven on earth!  We absolutely LOVE it, and this holiday was made all the better because the boys were a bit more mobile.  They really enjoyed going out on the roads with Dad on their bikes and even trying a bit of off-road too (it's a slippery slope!!).  There is absolutely no need for a car in Greyton, which was heavenly for mum and dad who seem to spend most of their time in a car. We walked to the shop, walked to a coffee shop/restaurant, walked generally and then just lazed around in the lovely house we had rented.  This was the same house we used last year and it is paradise for the boys.  The garden is big and full of hiding areas, ponds, little pool etc, so they literally spent 90% of the time out there making up adventures and - well Eli anyway - swimming!!

We really enjoyed the numerous eateries around the village and ventured into new territory taking the boys out for early evening meals a couple of times - which we all enjoyed and survived!  One of the highlights for all of  us was arriving on the first day of the first ever Greyton Childrens's Festival!  What a result!  This meant that activities were laid on specially for kids for a whole 3 days!!!  Joel and Eli enjoyed biking, story telling, art workshops, cooking classes - it was endless!!

We have come home refreshed and energised ready for a very busy 6 weeks ahead before the UK.  Thank God for holiday time.

Snapped by Eli

Eli about to make a splash

The highlight of Eli's holiday was his 'golden cupcake'

Gorgeous smiles

Joel with Andrew who lead the kids bike ride during the Children's Festival

Eli give it beans


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