Christmas Day

We had a fantastic family Christmas day despite it starting at some unearthly hour! Eventually Dean let Joel and Eli open their stockings at 4am in the hope that they would then go back to sleep. Job done by about 5am but not for long! At least they were excited.

Christmas dinner was fantastic as ever thanks to Lisa's great cooking (courtesy of Delia) and it was great to actually have a family Christmas dinner on Christmas day for the first time in three years.

Joel was particularly pleased to receive his first watch from Grandad and is now busily telling us the time every 5 minutes instead of asking for it!  We are definitely going to need our luggage allowance to bring home all their lovely presents, they were spoiled rotten!  We have also particularly enjoyed spending time at St George's over Christmas, firstly with a very funny Christingle service for families.  We enjoyed making/eating them and trying not to set the church on fire.  Paula tried to contain Eli's constant theological questions!!  In the evening we both loved going back to church for midnight communion and then again on Christmas morning with the family where we enjoyed a hilarious sketch on what a Christmas cracker means courtesy of the local teens!

So today should be a chilled with nothing to do and nowhere to go so plenty of playing with toys for the boys while we think about getting ready for Euro Disney tomorrow. Can't wait!

Christmas message at St. George's

Joel with a favourite stocking toy

A real watch!

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