One of the joys of our kind of lifestyle is that when we do make it back to Blighty we're able to make time for friends we've not seen in a while and today was one such occassion.

We first met Peter and Sue through CYFA Ventures many a moon ago and we've not seen each other for many many moons! Sadly we only had time for a coffee but it was still great to meet up again and swap news etc. Hopefully it won't be so many moons before we see each other again!

We always enjoy catching up with good friends but are always sad that time doesn't really allow for much more than a brief catch-up, but that is definitely better than nothing.

That's probably why we're looking forward to New Year with some reprobates from bible college days and then time in Cheadle and a night in Sheffield catching up with a ton of good mates.

Bring on the good times!

Joel really wanted to get the bus back from Wimbledon but being mean parents we made him walk. Still, he doesn't look too upset about it


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