With two very excited boys in tow Daddy got to go sledging for the first time in donkey's years.

After a slow but thankfully uneventful drive to Weald we managed to get to Grandad's house without incident. sadly the guy who backed up to let us pass wasn't so lucky as he wrote off the car behind him! We took a bit of a run up to the drive and once on abandoned the car where it stopped.

Richard was then a star as he came and picked us up in the Landy to take us to the farm.

We had an absolute blast and Eli in particular took to it like a duck to water. Joel wasn't so keen but had a couple of goes with Daddy and enjoyed it.

Joel bailed out early and got a bonus ride in Richard's tractor so it was left to Eli and Daddy to make the most of the sledging.

Eli giving it his best shot

Snow in Grandad's garden

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  1. What lovely photos! Snow is always beautiful under the following circumstances:
    1)It is somewhere else
    2)Children are enjoying it with such wild abandon!


    Have a super trip, sounds like you are.


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