We had a lovely nostalgic drive over to Sheffield on Friday - re-visiting the place of our University days, early courting places, first house, church etc. etc! We also enjoyed the beauty of the area as we arrived in some beautiful late afternoon sunshine and watched the water cascading over the Ladybower Dam.

It was great to stay with friends, Tim and Liz Rose, from old CYFA venture days, whom we haven't seen for a long time.

In the evening we held another of our Facing the Mountain evenings and were excited to host over 20 friends, all living in Sheffield (or close!)and all from different stages of our life in the past 20 years! It was fun to talk about old times, see how people have moved on and their children seriously grown up(!) and how we are all ageing gracefully!!!!

We had a great evening and very much enjoyed sharing about our work as the night wore on. Once again, people were very interested and asked some excellent questions. We are really thrilled at the way this mission education trip has gone.

What a week - almost 40 friends gathered together to re-visit friendship and to share about our work with!

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  1. Personally i have no plans to age gracefully. What's the point of getting old if you can't embarrass people while you're doing it? "When I'm old and wear purple" and all that.

    We used to take year 9's on geography field trips to Lady Bower, it's a beautiful area, if you can manage to ignore the racket of a hundred thirteen year olds.


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