St. Cuthbert's

It's great to be back in Cheadle again and to be seeing a lot of old friends. We lived in the area from '95 for a few years before getting involved in overseas mission and always enjoyed the area, though we were gutted to learn that Haji's Kebab Shop has closed!

After a long drive on Saturday it was good to decamp from the car into John and Tricia's for a relaxing roast dinner before a busy morning at St. Cuthbert's on Sunday morning.

Our visit to St. Cuthbert's was great! We shared our Powerpoint presentation in the service which was followed by a cracking lunch and our photo presentation which was well received once again.

One of our biggest prayers on this mission ed' trip has been for the boys, that they wouldn't feel like a circus sideshow. Once again this prayer was well answered in the form of 8 year old David who befriended Joel & Eli almost the second they walked through the door. This has happened time and again at the churches we've visited and we're really grateful for small mercies!

We now have a busy couple of days as we're speaking at St. Cuthbert's again this afternoon followed by another engagement there tomorrow and Facing The Mountain Roadshow in Cheadle tomorrow night. If you're in the Cheadle/Manchester area please com along!

Joel managed to work his way to the front of the lunch queue

Lunch at st. Cuthbert's


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