Joel's 8th Birthday

After what has seemed like months Joel finally celebrates his 8th birthday today!

He has been so keen to reach this landmark and was so excited last night before bed that it took him an age to finally go to sleep! On Thursday his class came for a now legendary Joel pirate party and they all had great fun. It was so nice to see such a great bunch of children together - some of whom Joel has now known and been at school with for more than 4 years.

This morning started at quite a respectable hour (for Joel!) and he was so excited to open presents, largely consisting of Lego and and an outfit and accessory for his Build a Bear. The fun then really started as several hours of construction began whilst mum set about making a pancake breakfast!

Finally, Joel is to realise a dream tonight as he goes for an adult dinner with mum and dad to sample his favourite food from his favourite chef!!

Star Wars remains a firm fav' in this house

Move along, there's nothing to see!

Rosie desperately wants in on the action

Apparently "The most awesomest present ever!"

Dad doesn't do mornings

Totally absorbed

Finally Dad looks awake and ready for some Lego


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