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In the course of a bit of blog admin (you might be surprised at what is actually involved in maintaining a blog regularly for almost 8 years!) I was pleasantly surprised and a little puzzled by some of the recent stats.

After the recent relaunch of the blog and it's integration into Facebook I knew I'd have a better idea of how many folk were reading the blog and roughly where and how the blog was being read.

What I was surprised about for example was to discover that in the last 7 days the blog has had 128 hits from France, making it the number one audience location for the week. What puzzles me is why France should top the list for the week given that we know very few folk there.

Here are some of the stats relating to Facing The Mountain
Facebook: 109 Followers
Google Friend Connect: 10 Followers*
Networked Blogs: 7 Followers*
Feedburner Subscription: 47 Followers
* would love to see these grow!
In the last week Firefox has trumped IE 44% to 39% but over the last month IE has spanked Firefox massively 52% to 37% or 844 hits to 581.
The list of countries where the blog is read regularly is growing too. I expected Blighty and SA to feature quite highly on the list but Russia with 65 and Iran with 44 hits for the last month? If you're Russian or Iranian and reading this, WELCOME, it's great to have you on board!
So pop pickers, here's last month's Top 10
United States: 363
France: 356
United Kingdom: 324
South Africa: 132
Russia: 65
Germany: 61
Iran: 44
Japan: 17
Ukraine: 15
Romania: 10
How did Blighty slip to #3 and what's going on in The States? I don't believe for a minute that our friend Fran in NY is reading the blog that much!
Search Terms
Sadly there are no really amusing search terms (things typed into Google etc.) which lead to the blog but four of the top ones in the last month include: "scarlet bottlebrush trees in south africa", "snowing in africa", "stupidity pandemic" and "the adventures of god satire". How disappointed must the last searcher have been?

The abiding question though is, why is the blog being read more in France than in Blighty? Answers on a postcard please!


  1. Seems like you guys have managed to make facebook really work for you... I really haven't figured it out at all... I set up what I thought was a facebook page for our blog, following the link that you sent me ages ago, but it seemed like it only put up a few entries and then it stopped putting them up and I'm pretty sure we aren't getting any hits from facebook... All suggestions therefore gratefully received.

  2. I don't trust the French. They are obviously planning something devious. I don't know why they are taking such an interest in the Finnie family but I suggest that, for the time being, you avoid onion sellers and do not wear a full face veil in public.


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