Aunty Poppy

Not many people in life could ever come close to being a new mum - well Aunty Poppy is one such amazing lady!  We ask you all dear friends to please call out to God for the health of our wonderful friend.  She is currently in ICU at our local hospital having suffered a heart attack.  Paula had a precious 10 mins alone with her tonight before it seemed like half of Chris Nissen Park turned up to visit (!) - so popular and loved is this woman!!  Unfortunately, the nurse wasn't having it and we were all asked to move on!!

Aunty Poppy seemed to be doing okay.  We joked that she had spent most of yesterday telling God that it really wasn't her time to go yet and please could she stay around longer!  Having said that I could see that she had known real fear and she was definitely still experiencing considerable pain.  It was wonderful to be able to pray with her and just to reassure her that she is loved by the everlasting God who holds her in his hands.  She was also quite overwhelmed by the love of all her friends and relatives coming to visit and those assuring her of prayers.  Please pray for a complete healing, as it is Aunty Poppy suffers from diabetes and other complications, so health is always an issue for her.  She is also dearly loved and will be missed by the patients and families of HOPE home based care whom she so faithfully serves day by day. We are trusting God and thanks so much for joining with us.


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