For those of you not in Facebook you might not know about my latest escapade.

On Wednesday I joined Eli's class as a helping/responsible parent on their ice skating trip to Grand West ice rink. We had a great time and a lot of fun was had by all. Eli took to the ice like the proverbial duck to water and was very pleased with himself. I on the other hand didn't have such a good time of it and came home with a rather splendid souvenir!

Thankfully my fall came at just the right time as most of he kids had had enough and were thinking about the promised pizza. Before the fall I had managed to help a few of the kids get going and they really were enjoying themselves.

Sadly for me in a fleeting moment I turned, lost my balance and put my arm out to break the fall. In the process I smashed my wrist leaving me with a serious need for surgery to fix it all back in place.

I can't thank or praise the staff at the ice rink enough. They acted swiftly and decisively and all the staff at the hospital were well impressed by the job they did in splinting my arm.

Initially I was going to be discharged overnight and operated on on Thursday evening but as the doc was manipulating the cast I passed out from pain so was admitted immediately which also means our medical aid covers it all. Hooray!

So almost 3 days later I'm back home with a plate in my hand and 14 stitches! The boys are dead impressed but desperate to see the stitches which are under the bandaging for another 2 weeks.


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