Many of you who heard us speak on our last mission education visits or came along to one of our Facing The Mountain Roadshows will remember our two biggest prayer requests. Firstly we asked you to pray that we might be able to go church planting again, although we had no idea how this would be possible at the time. Secondly we asked that you join us in praying for our boys coming year at school but especially for Joel as we had some reservations about his year ahead.

Thankfully we serve an amazing God who answers our prayers.

God is indeed amazing and we've had some massive answers to these prayers! Firstly, we're on the cusp of planting a church back into Macassar, more on that next year, but needless to say we're really excited about it all.

Secondly, we can also report that our boys have had truly amazing years at school this year. We always knew Eli would as Teacher Chloë is brilliant and Botiswa is an absolute treasure who has known Eli for a long time now. But Joel's year has far outstripped our expectations, he's built a great relationship up with Mrs T who has worked really hard for Joel and acknowledged his areas of strength and need and really encouraged him to the point where he's grown massively in confidence through the year.

Thank you Lord!

Now we're really excited and expectant for the 2012 school year as both boys are going to have excellent teachers, both of which already know the boys quite well.

For now though we've got a long hot summer holiday to enjoy!

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  1. All fantastic news and lovely photos! Prayers of thanksgiving and for on-going need will always be coming for you from here! Happy summer!


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