Garden Centre

After a good morning in Macassar I decided to call in on Michael in Chris Nissen on my way home to see how his gate is holding up and just to enjoy being with my mate.

One of the things that never fails to amaze me about our friends there is just how generous they are and this morning I left Michael's feeling like I'd been to a garden centre.

My garden is going to be looking great by next summer!

Whilst there I also saw Aunty Poppy who showed me around her recently planted veggie garden. I have to say it was looking really good. Apparently Aunty Poppy and a few others have been equipped by an NGO to grow the veggies for four families each. What a great project!

A guinea fowl escaping before Rosie can chase it off

That will be 1-nil to me! :-)

Killing this rat was definitely the highlight of my day!!!


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