Twentyone years ago our dear friend Richard pulled out all the stops on the organ and gave it some welly as he struck up Tocatta in C by Zipoli as the love of my life began walking down the aisle.

I have been incredibly blessed by the fact that shortly after 1.30pm Paula said "I do" and I'll be forever grateful to her and to God for the amazing time we've had together ever since.

To marry someone special is great. To marry your soul-mate is fantastic. To spend a lifetime with the love of your life is simply awesome!

I've always loved the fact that our wedding service involved two vicars, two charismatic church leaders and a host of friends doing various things. I've also never forgotten Jack Dearden's message about change. Jack told me to not fear change and Paula not to stand in the way of change. I don't think anyone who knows us would doubt that we embraced these words.

We'll be celebrating with a couple of nights away sans enfants and embracing change as we stay somewhere we've never been before. Fantastic!

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  1. Reading this short post has me crying like a baby!! God bless you both!


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