As part of International Book week my boys get to dress up as a favourite book character today.

Eli might not look too thrilled but he chose to go as Little Brown Mouse from The Gruffalo whilst Joel is truly thrilled to be going as Gollum from The hobbit.

So proud of their choices!

Also, yesterday we went to school for the parent/teacher consultations and we were thrilled to hear that they are both excellent readers. Joel's teacher is especially amazed at his obsession with books and his recently assessed reading age of 14yrs 3 mths and he's not even 10 yet.  Meanwhile Eli is just excellent at everything!

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  1. Bravo, boys! What a great photo. It is wonderful to see children literally invited into their books, by dressing up as a character. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    And it is typically in a house where books are revered, that we find young readers. For all the craziness in the home where I grew up, there were also many gifts. One was a real focus on reading and on books. So bravo for Dean and Paula as well, for living the examples!


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