Scary Thought

Here's a scary month from today we'll be boarding a plane for our UK trip.

It's not that the UK is scary, though watching Sky News we're often left feeling like strangers in a land that once was home. The scary bit is just how much work we've got to do before we board that plane.

Church wise things are pretty much sorted. I actually got a plan together back in January for Tree Of Life in our absence so that's not too much of a concern. The biggest concern is getting all our filming etc. done ready for putting our various presentations together for our Facing The Mountain Roadshows. The filming will be finished in the next day or two and then begins the endless hours of editing, cursing, chopping, and computers crashing.

In anticipation of this delight I've downloaded a quality movie editing software suite of 540Mb's. However, I was dismayed to see that I then had to download 1.7Gb's of add-ons to make the thing work properly. That can get a bit stressful when you've only go an alleged 1Mb of bandwidth and your ISP throttles the downloads if they're too big. Thankfully it downloaded smoothly overnight and it should all mean that the finished products are good but I just know I'm going to have to pull some all-nighters to get there.

Meanwhile the boys are simply excited beyond all reason! Joel has even planned his on-board entertainment for the entire journey. I worry about that boy.

If you've got a spare minute or two please send up a prayer for us.


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