A Special Day

When asked how today went I simply replied: "Today was one of the happiest days of my life!"

Ever since we left Zimbabwe so abruptly in 2003 I've longed to return to see our many friends that we never got to say goodbye to.

So to be here for the wedding of our dear friends Ziggy & Mercy and to get to meet up with Linus, Emilia and Shepherd was a real privilege.

Emilia and Shepherd really put themselves at risk back in 2003 when they accompanied Paula to the immigration dept to argue our case for us. Their selflessness was truly remarkable and we will be forever grateful to them!

So as Ziggy & Mercy got married it was a real pleasure to spend time with great friends, reminiscing about good times and bad times but doing it with a smile and a lot of love.

I am also deeply grateful to Tree of Life for allowing me to be with Ziggy & Mercy as they got married and for enabling my trip.

We are definitely coming back to Zim next year as a family!


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