Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Having posted a picture on Facebook of Joel topping off our Christmas tree with the angel we thought it might be fun to revisit the ceremony from years gone by.

Joel was too young to participate in 2004 and Christmas 2005 was a bit of a blur what with Eli's planned arrival, delayed arrival and eventual arrival on the 21st. Also we're missing a pic from 2010 as we were in Blighty with family that year.

It's fascinating seeing how Joel and Eli have grown over the years, in the early pics Joel stood on a chair, steps or was carried to put the angel on. In 2011 Joel had to let Eli do it for the first time and they've shared the duties ever since, though Eli missed this year's because he's away on karate camp.

Here's to many many more Christmases of topping the tree off with the angel!


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