Go-Kart A GoGo

Today is a public holiday and what better way to spend it than on servicing/upgrading the boys' Go-Kart.

First job was to replace the broken front axle, it was a bit of a swine to do given that it involved drilling right through the length of the wood, but the finished job looks and works a treat.

Next up I swapped the old crate seat for a scavenged school style seat which I'd seen on a building site whilst out walking Rosie.

Personally I'm really chuffed with how it's all turned out and the boys gave it their approval declaring it to be "cool".

The Go-Kart is made from entirely upcycled parts apart from the front wheels. The wood was all scrounged by moi. The rear subframe and wheels are from an old golf cart and the seat is from a building site.

The front axle had split in half so there was no choice but to replace it.

The new seat

The old seat removed

Ta da!  I'm very happy with how it looks!


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