As we approach our Silver Wedding Anniversary next month I'm going to post some thoughts, reflections and anecdotes about marriage...

Back in the day when I was still a practicing social worker for the local government in Blighty, it was deemed politically incorrect to refer to one's wife or husband as wife or husband. Rather, we were encouraged to be more inclusive and refer to our wife or husband as our partner.

Maybe the PC loonies happy calling their spouse their partner but I'm not. In fact I'm as far from happy with this PC nonsense as I am from the moon! Let me explain...

If I start a business with someone else, it's a joint venture in which we commit to putting 50% each into. I own half the business, they own the other half. It's a simple concept and we're partners.

Marriage doesn't work like that. If you're only prepared to give 50% to your marriage then it will end badly!

Marriage is about as opposite to partnership as is possible to be.

Recently we renewed our wedding vows in St. George's, the church we married in all those years ago. As part of the renewal of our vows we each said: "With my body I honour you, all that I am I give to you, and all that I have I share with you". That's about as unpartner like as it's possible to be.

In marriage you each have to give 100%. You can't hold back and as such it simply is not a partnership. If one gave 100% to a business partnership it would be unlikely to end well.

I'm proud to call my wife my wife and I'm proud to be known as her husband.

My wife is not my partner!


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