Grey Water

We've taken a big step forward in recent days in terms of harvesting as much of our grey water as possible.

The first picture shows the attachment for taking water from our bathroom to the garden, it's just waiting for the hose to be connected.

The pics below are of our slightly Heath-Robinson method of harvesting the water from our washing machine and dishwasher.

Our drought is over a year old now and it's getting very tedious, but more than that, it really is getting very serious! We're not due any significant rainfall for about 6 months now and our dams are already at their lowest for more than 10 years, and that's with one dam more than we had 10 years ago.

So much on our house was bodged before we moved in. The pipe to the right is redundant and we have no idea where it leads. The pipe for the washing machine was flush with the wall so I had to chip around it to fit the attachment.

I was pleased with myself as I managed to sink the hose into the masonry. Little things and all that...

***Stop Press***
As I was writing this post our utilities bill arrived, and in the last month we've reduced our consumption by ¾ meaning we're well under the free allowance and consequently we won't be paying for water or any sewage bill either this month. It just goes to show that the small acts of saving add up to something big!


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