One of the costs of an overseas life in mission is missing the conveniences of home, such as free schooling and health care, two things that take up a lion's share of our budget.

This week we're missing the dear old NHS and the fact that if we were in Blighty Eli's current infliction would have been treated for free, but as it is we're in a land with no real welfare net and so our pockets are feeling the squeeze.

Please pray for him, he's got a double chest infection and is burning up with fever. So on Dr's advice we're trying the non-antibiotic route first and hoping it will do the job. Thankfully we also have who is lending us a nebuliser.

As Paula said on Facebook: Yes we do have a medical aid which costs a small fortune each month, and no, it doesn't cover trips to the Dr and associated medication. Yes it does really get my goat at times; can you tell!!


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