I was intrigued to see an article on the BBC today about the age old tradition of shaking hands.

I am not, and never have been a fan of shaking hands, simply because I've never been convinced of other people's hygiene practices, and as it turns out I wasn't wrong.

I once contracted worms from a handshake which was extremely unpleasant! We were at a funeral in Zimbabwe and had just sat down to eat when some late comers expected everyone to shake hands with them as custom dictated. I was really reluctant but also didn't want to cause offense. Anyway, let's leave that there.

Even worse, as a Christian I fear that moment in church when some half-wit says "let's hold hands", I can't tell you just how much I hate doing that!

It's a rare thing to admit but I much prefer the Muslim approach of placing a hand on your heart as a way of recognising and respecting someone else, but if I must be offered a hand I will stretch to a fist bump.

My real hope for the other side of Covid-19 is that the rest of the world finally wakes up to the grossness of shaking hands and kicks the filthy habit forever.


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