Last night President Ramaphosa addressed the nation to let us know about the reduction in regulations to Level 3 of our lockdown.

At this point you have to wonder why we're bothering given that the government have once again caved in to the loudest voices and shifted the nation to an alert level somewhere between Level 2 & 3 but not fully one or the other. And in the midst of the confusion dear old Cyril wants  South Africans to take personal responsibility for curbing the transmission of the coronavirus. Like that's going to happen! 😀😏

Whilst that's a refreshing step forward from the state led nannying we have been subjected to it's unlikely to yield any genuine results.

The problem in all of this is a lack of quality leadership, but before I slam the South African approach it would only be fair to say that outside of New Zealand there doesn't seem to be a shining example of quality leadership anywhere. And whilst our government was morally bankrupt before the coronavirus hit at least we're not subjected to Clown BoJo and his circus.

Back to our home situation, once again we're left with more questions than answers and like many others we're wondering why certain industries can now operate whilst others can't. I guess the door has been left open for further court challenges and more weak leadership.

At least I can get a haircut now.


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