Paris Part 2

Things started well and just got better. The Eurostar was simplicity itself and a very pleasant ride. Arriving at Gare Du Nord was a cinch and our hotel was 3 stops away on the Metro. It also happened to be smack in the middle of two Metro stops, a 10 minute ride into town and a 10 minute walk from Sacre Coeur. Fantastic!

We had a great time mooching around the city, enjoying the sites, cuisine and the wine. We'd gone just to chill and other than visiting Notre Dame weren't too fussed about seeing too much else.

We'd certainly been loaded up with plenty of advice on the best things to see and do which we totally ignored.

Notre Dame didn't disappoint and Sacre Coeur was great with stunning views across the city. For some reason I was expecting the Eiffel Tower to be oversold and disappointing, but quite the opposite. What an amazing achievement and a stunning piece of engineering!

We loved Paris and will remember it as a city of contrasts. Very beautiful but filthy! Maybe it was so dirty as they'd not got around to cleaning up after New Year but it really was filthy and as for the Parisian habit of gobbing on the pavements... gross! Or maybe one should say 'C'est très Francais'.

Outside the Louvre

Pause for thought on Notre Dame


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